Monday, July 13, 2015

The Pottering

So, the last time I was at The Convention Formerly Known As LeakyCon (TCFKALC - pronounced TaCUFFkalc), or GeekyCon if you insist, I drew gasps from a panel audience when they asked me which Harry Potter house I was. Why? Okay, prepare yourselves. This is going to shock you:

I’ve never seen any of the Harry Potter movies, or read any of the books, and have no idea what house I am, or even what that means.

I know, I know. And I *live* in Harry Potter Land (“England”, if you will).

Anyway. So, back then, I made a somewhat rash promise. If I was invited back to TCFKALC, I’d watch all the Harry Potter movies beforehand, to catch up. I killed a couple of authors and half of a panel audience to make sure I wouldn’t be invited back. But due to an administrative error, and some *seriously* poor health and safety guidelines, I’ve been invited back.

So I’m going to watch all of the Harry Potter movies. Before July 29th. In a row. In order. Yes. All of the movies. All 13 of them.

I’m looking forward to the one where he goes to space. I think that’s movie 9 or 10.

Here goes!