Monday, October 12, 2015

Festival screenings

Seem to be averaging one post a week for about a month now, so let's see if I can keep that going. Imagine! A regular blog post! Mankind was not meant to meddle with such things.

Crazy For You has been chosen to screen as part of the Twin Cities Horror Festival in Minneapolis, in the HorrorShow Hotdog strand, on Sunday October 25th at 5.30pm, along with several other shorts. Full details and tickets are available here.

After that, Crazy For You will play at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival on Friday 13th(!) of November at 7.45pm, as part of the Horror/Sci-Fi Night. Festival info is here, details of the night itself are here, and tickets for all nights are available here. I'll be attending, so say hello if you're going along. This will probably be the final festival screening, so could be your last chance to see it on a big screen. I'll talk more about where it's going after that later, so watch this space.

Also screening at the CPIFF is comedy horror short film KEEN-wah, on Saturday 28th November at 7.45pm as part of the Comedy shorts strand, and for the ticket price you get to see the awards show presented by Mark Steel, and enjoy a free gin and tonic. Details of the Comedy and awards night are here, tickets are available here. Why am I mentioning KEEN-wah? Well, it's the fantastic directorial debut of my partner Cat Davies, so I'm really pleased we're screening at the same festival. I also edited, and let me tell you, it's SO much easier to be ruthless when editing someone else's work...

Speaking of editing, I've become quite familiar with Final Cut Pro 7, editing my FrightFest idents, my shorts Three Minutes, Ghosting and now KEEN-wah, but I recently started teaching myself Final Cut Pro X - it's much, *much* faster than 7, I exported a 6GB video in 10 minutes as opposed to 4 hours... It edits a lot more seamlessly, it's way more powerful, and is a great update, so I'll be using that from now on for short projects.

I'll try to keep these posts regular-ish, although I'm mostly active on Twitter these days, at @jamesmoran, so keep an eye on that for more up to date announcements. I'll have some TV news very soon, when I'm allowed to talk about it.