Sunday, November 29, 2015

Crazy For You award

Crazy For You, the short film I wrote and directed starring Arthur Darvill and Hannah Tointon, has just won the Best Horror/Sci-Fi award at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival! Look at the lovely trophy:

The awards were presented by Mark Steel, who was hilarious as always. He was amused by my rambling, random speech, ordering all future winners to be "just as surreal".

The final night was the awards show, but before that was a selection of comedy shorts, where my partner Cat Davies' short film KEEN-wah had its world premiere, which got loads of laughs and cheers. This is us with our friends Michael and Stuart - Michael was visiting for the weekend, Stuart was the cameraman on KEEN-wah and Ghosting:

Photo by Michael Gill - check out his gorgeous photos at his website here.

It was a great night, although the hangover the next morning was biblical (there was a LOT of gin and wine). Thank you to lovely organisers Roberta and Neill for putting on a fantastic event, the festival is a month-long series of screenings and very, very cool. If you're a company that wants to sponsor a great local festival, go and check them out.

Thank you also to the amazing backers of Crazy For You, who helped make it a reality, producer extraordinaire Jen Handorf, who worked miracles to bring it to life, and the entire cast and crew who pulled off the impossible every day.