Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Writers on their Writing Process

Hello, you! Have you done something with your hair?! It looks lovely! And it's moving-- oh god, it's not hair, it's SNAKES, RUN AWAY FROM THE SNAKES-- oh, sorry, my mistake, it's just the wind moving your hair. Not snakes. Probably.

As you may or may not know, I've been doing a (very) irregular series of videos, talking to other writers about their writing process. I did one last year with Amber Benson, which you can watch here, and I've just uploaded a new one featuring guest writer Mr Jason Arnopp, which you can watch here.

You'll know Mr Arnopp from his work in the worlds of Doctor Who, Friday 13th, The Sarah Jane Adventures, the horror movie Stormhouse, and his fiction (Beast in the Basement, A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home), but he's also got an exciting new book coming out next year, called The Last Days of Jack Sparks. You can find out more at his website here, which probably doesn't have mutant cyber spiders primed and ready to leap out of your computer screen.

If you do visit his site, you can find out about the FREE BOOKS he'll be giving away regularly. They're linked to his brand new Patreon page, with a video I directed on a long, silly day in Brighton - but there's no obligation, the books will be free to download either way. I'm seeing a lot of writers and other artists using Patreon, it lets you make ongoing contributions to help support the people whose work you like. I'm always in favour of writers getting paid for their work, so this is a Good Thing. Whatever you do, watch his video, because we spent blimmin aaaaages on it, and it's a right laugh.

We had a lot of fun chatting, and as always I found a couple of things that I can apply to my own process, which is partly the goal of this series. His process is quite similar to mine though, so there was less stuff for me to steal. What a selfish bastard he is!

Sorry about the terrible audio in the video - it's still audible, just very rough. My useless, cheap microphone didn't pick up much, so I had to boost it artificially in Final Cut Pro. It's a bit hissy and quiet, so turn your volume up and/or put on headphones. I've since invested in two proper, professional microphones, so this won't happen again.

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