Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Eve, series 2

Happy New Year! And welcome to the first blog post of 2016! Well, *my* first blog post of 2016, not *the* first blog post of 2016. Unless everyone else is still asleep.

And what a way to kick off my year, with the excellent news that... I’ve written an episode of series 2 of Eve, for CBBC!

Eve is an advanced robot in human form who ends up living with a human family, trying to find her purpose in the world and stay one step ahead of those who would destroy her. The show is created by Emma Reeves and David Chikwe, and Emma is the brilliant head writer on the show.

Series 1 aired last year, and series 2 has just kicked off. But! There was also a Christmas special episode, which you should watch before you start episode 1 of series 2, because it’s hilarious.

You can watch the Christmas special on iPlayer here, and episode 1 of series 2 here. Series 1 is still available online here, so if you can catch up before jumping into series 2, then you'll get to see even more robot hijinks.

And if you’d like to find out if you’re a human or a robot - which I would recommend, as a matter of personal security - take this handy quiz here.

Twitter folk! You can follow co-creator and head writer Emma Reeves here, co-creator David Chikwe here, and the amazingly talented and funny lead actress Poppy Lee Friar here. Go and be nice to CBBC here too, because they make wonderful shows and deserve our love.

There’s also a great, in-depth interview with Emma at the BBC Writersroom here, talking about her journey towards making Eve a reality.

I’ve written episode 10 which, if my calculations are correct, will air on CBBC on Monday 7th March 2016, at 4.30pm. That’s two days after my birthday, which makes it a lovely birthday present - although you should still give me cash and booze and sweets, because I said so.

Obviously I can’t say anything much about my ep, because it hasn’t been on yet, but you can expect excitement, dramatic twists, jokes, and possibly the odd explosion or two. And a cheeky DW reference if you listen closely enough...

They’re a superb, creative, smart, fun team on the show, and I’m incredibly grateful that they let me play with their toys for a while. And it’s a mini reunion for me, as it’s the first show Joe Lidster and I have been on the same team for since our very first TV gig back on series 2 of Torchwood! It was also my first set visit to one of my TV episodes since Children of Earth back in 2008, as I wasn’t able to get to the filming of The Sparticle Mystery or Crossing Lines, so it's been loads of fun.

Anyway, please catch up on the show if you’ve missed any of it, it’s fantastic fun and you need all of it in your life. Pass it on!

Photos © Leopard Drama 2016, used with permission.