Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Crazy For You audience award

Crazy For You has won another award, this time for Audience Favourite at the Horrorshow Hot Dog Short Film Festival. Look at that bling! That's the blingiest hotdog you'll ever see, I bet. Thank you to the lovely audience for voting for it, and to the festival itself for choosing it as part of their selection.

It'll go on the shelf next to the lovely Crystal Palace International Film Festival award for Best Horror/Sci-Fi, and the Fantasporto Best Screenplay award for Severance.

I will now insist on being called "The Award Winning TV and Films' James Moran" in every social situation, even when just having a drink with friends. It's only right and proper.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Not Guilty Pleasures podcast Ep 3 - The Walking Dead, Jason Arnopp

It’s time for a new episode of “Not Guilty Pleasures”, my podcast where I and a guest talk about something we love unconditionally, to try and balance out some of the negativity for everything online. There ARE no guilty pleasures, just love what you love and be proud of it.

This episode’s guest is Jason Arnopp - he has written audio books, short stories, novellas, and has a brand new novel out right now called The Last Days of Jack Sparks. Jason came on to talk about The Walking Dead TV series, and we both tried (and, spoiler, failed) to figure out why we love it so much when it just wants to bite our faces off.

Find out what we love about it, our favourite moments, and which character makes me so furious, I want them to die more than any other character in the show, or in any other show on TV!

It’s a longer episode this time, because we’re talking about all 6 seasons of the show. We talked for so long, in fact, that we sadly died and became zombies. Look at us! Look at the bloodlust in our stupid, mindless faces!

MAJOR SPOILERS for all episodes up to season 6, episode 11, “Knots Untie” - obviously two more episodes aired since we recorded this, but it took a while to edit as there was a lot of it. If you’re not caught up with this episode, don’t listen to this yet! We talk about everything. EVERYTHING. It’ll ruin it, and won’t make much sense either.

Speaking of editing, this is a longer episode than usual, because we had such a lot to cover. The next ep should be back to around 30 minutes or so. But hey, 49 minutes isn't that long, stick us on during your lunch break or something.

Swearing! Not safe for work! LOTS and LOTS of swearing! It’s an adult show with adult language! Many, many fucks, shits, and other bad words!

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Thank you! And I hope you enjoy the gory mayhem.

Show notes/links:

Jason Arnopp:

Jason Arnopp on Twitter:

The Last Days of Jack Sparks:

The Walking Dead Monopoly:

Michonne Vinyl Idolz figure:

The Walking Dead zombie piggy bank:

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon novelty CD clock - with desktop stand:

The Walking Dead Dog collar:

Dressing gown designed like Rick’s police uniform:

The Walking Dead bed linen:

Daryl Dixon crossbow coffee mug:

The Walking Dead opening credits using the Friends theme:

The Walking Dead dad jokes meme:

EXTRA! We didn't get to this in the show because it hadn't been announced yet, but there's going to be a Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood from this summer. Check out this article, which has a trailer - I'm so going there when I get the chance:

EXTRA EXTRA! This month's Loot Crate has the theme of "Dead", so there are some TWD and Deadpool exclusives in there - including a fantastic soap on a rope version of Daryl's ear necklace. We've got it. It's great:

Monday, March 14, 2016

Tower Block on UK freeview TV

Well, Severance has been on TV several times, as has Cockneys Vs Zombies, now my third movie is heading to freeview TV in the UK - Tower Block will air on Channel 5, this Sunday 20th March, at 9pm. For free!

If you've somehow missed every other opportunity to see it, now is your chance for the bargain price of no pounds and no pence, if you have access to a TV or the internet.

Update! It has aired, and is now on Channel 5 catchup - you can watch it here until April 19th. It's also on all the usual catchup services.

Tower Block premiered at FrightFest in August 2012, and had a good run in cinemas the following month, thanks to Lionsgate. It's available on DVD and blu-ray with the original cover, and the newer one. It's also out in America, and many other countries. The trailer is here if you want to check it out, but it's better to go in knowing nothing.

If you've already seen the movie, and don't have the US disc, you can listen to a free commentary I recorded here - it's not on the UK DVD, so you'll have to sync it up and pause it when the ad breaks are on, but I'm sure you can figure it out, you clever thing.

I'm very, very proud of our little movie. It's difficult competing with the massive budgets and marketing power of the bigger movies out there, so this one had to get by on some advertising, some word of mouth, and a big scary hook. Ronnie & James directed the hell out of it, Sheridan, Jack, Ralph and the rest of the amazing cast delivered barnstorming performances, and it always seems to get a good response, so I hope you enjoy it.

Although maybe "enjoy" isn't the right word - where Cockneys Vs Zombies is a big friendly hug of a movie, this is more of a knife to the kidneys. It's got some big shocks, scares, and lots of tension.

I'm pleased to see that the excellent Harry Brown is on Channel 5 immediately afterwards, which is a great double bill pairing, and another great Jack O'Connell performance. So settle in for a relaxing Sunday evening of mayhem and chaos, and don't blame me if you have trouble sleeping afterwards. Okay, you can blame me, that's fair enough. Just watch the movie.

Update! Radio Times have picked Tower Block as their film of the day, giving it 4 stars. Thank you to Andrew Collins for the lovely review!

Update 2! Here's a page with several Tower Block DVD cover variants from around the world, several of which I hadn't seen!

Monday, March 07, 2016

My Eve episode airs today

Alert! My episode of Eve is on CBBC today, Monday 7th March, at 4.30pm. Set your chronometers!

If you can't wait, there’s a sneak peek at the episode right here - and it’s not looking good for Lily...

You can catch up on previous episodes here, which you should do if you want to know exactly what’s going on - and catch up on the previous series while you’re at it. I wrote a big blog post about it all here, which has links and interviews and all sorts of fun stuff. The episode will be on iPlayer pretty soon after it airs, and I’ll add the link here when it’s up.

UPDATE! The episode is online now, and you can watch it here!

It was SO much fun to write for Eve and the gang, thank you to Emma and David for letting me jump on board. I tried not to break anything...

And don’t forget series 4 of Wolfblood starts tomorrow on CBBC at 4.30pm! Creator Debbie Moon is the guest on the latest ep of my podcast, Not Guilty Pleasures, so while you're waiting you can listen to her being clever and funny about the Captain America movies. Go! Listen! Watch! Prepare!

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Not Guilty Pleasures podcast Ep 2 - Debbie Moon

It’s time for a new episode of “Not Guilty Pleasures”, my podcast where I and a guest talk about something we love unconditionally, to try and balance out some of the negativity for everything online. There ARE no guilty pleasures, just love what you love and be proud of it.

The first episode is still available on iTunes here or non-iTunes version online here, me and Andrew Ellard talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And I’m recording another episode this week, so the accidental podcast looks like it has definitely become A Thing. I like Things! Things are cool!

This episode’s guest is Debbie Moon - she has written for several TV shows, and created an amazing series called Wolfblood, which starts its 4th season on CBBC, Tuesday 8th March, at 4.30pm. Debbie came on the podcast to talk about the Marvel Captain America movies, what we love about them, from a writing point of view, from an emotional point of view, and from a “chesty men loving each other” point of view. Actually, mostly that last one. Look at us! Look how excited we are, by chesty men loving each other!

We jump around between both movies, as things occur to us, but it should be fairly clear which ones we’re talking about and when, we just got excited about how cool they are. And in what is now a regular section of the show, Weird Merchandise, we went looking for the weirdest related merchandise we could find, which took us down a very strange path... This is possibly now my favourite part of the show, we sound all clever at first, but then we just Google a load of silly stuff and laugh.

Important! Spoilers! Obviously, MAJOR spoilers for Captain America: The First Avenger, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier - we talk about pretty much every single aspect of both movies, so if you haven’t seen one or both of them, please watch them first, as this will (a) make no sense, and (b) ruin the surprises for you. Note: Captain America: Civil War has not yet been released at the time of recording (Feb 2016) so we will only be speculating about that. However, there is a bit of Hydra sympathising, and some Cap and Bucky wedding plans, so be alert.

Swearing! There’s not much swearing in this one, possibly the influence of Steve Rogers there, I think there are only a couple of shits, possibly three, but nothing worse than that.

iTunes version! You can find the podcast on iTunes here, and if you subscribe then you’ll get new episodes AUTOMAGICALLY, using WITCHCRAFT. If you like it, please consider leaving a rating or review on iTunes, it will *really* help. Note: at the moment, you'll only see Ep 2 if you subscribe, as iTunes takes a few days to update the public listing - I have no idea why, or how long it takes to appear, it's all a bit arcane and mystical.

Non-iTunes version! If you use other podcasting stuff, you can get it at the Podbean post here, or listen in the browser, or download, or grab the RSS feed.


Show notes/links:

Debbie Moon’s website:

Debbie Moon on Twitter:

Wolfblood (including iPlayer episodes you can catch up on):

Helen Mirren cracking a whip:

Captain America Cheez-It Snacks:

Captain America-inspired Bacon Apple Pie:

Captain America’s shield cookies: