Monday, March 07, 2016

My Eve episode airs today

Alert! My episode of Eve is on CBBC today, Monday 7th March, at 4.30pm. Set your chronometers!

If you can't wait, there’s a sneak peek at the episode right here - and it’s not looking good for Lily...

You can catch up on previous episodes here, which you should do if you want to know exactly what’s going on - and catch up on the previous series while you’re at it. I wrote a big blog post about it all here, which has links and interviews and all sorts of fun stuff. The episode will be on iPlayer pretty soon after it airs, and I’ll add the link here when it’s up.

UPDATE! The episode is online now, and you can watch it here!

It was SO much fun to write for Eve and the gang, thank you to Emma and David for letting me jump on board. I tried not to break anything...

And don’t forget series 4 of Wolfblood starts tomorrow on CBBC at 4.30pm! Creator Debbie Moon is the guest on the latest ep of my podcast, Not Guilty Pleasures, so while you're waiting you can listen to her being clever and funny about the Captain America movies. Go! Listen! Watch! Prepare!