Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Not Guilty Pleasures podcast Ep 3 - The Walking Dead, Jason Arnopp

It’s time for a new episode of “Not Guilty Pleasures”, my podcast where I and a guest talk about something we love unconditionally, to try and balance out some of the negativity for everything online. There ARE no guilty pleasures, just love what you love and be proud of it.

This episode’s guest is Jason Arnopp - he has written audio books, short stories, novellas, and has a brand new novel out right now called The Last Days of Jack Sparks. Jason came on to talk about The Walking Dead TV series, and we both tried (and, spoiler, failed) to figure out why we love it so much when it just wants to bite our faces off.

Find out what we love about it, our favourite moments, and which character makes me so furious, I want them to die more than any other character in the show, or in any other show on TV!

It’s a longer episode this time, because we’re talking about all 6 seasons of the show. We talked for so long, in fact, that we sadly died and became zombies. Look at us! Look at the bloodlust in our stupid, mindless faces!

MAJOR SPOILERS for all episodes up to season 6, episode 11, “Knots Untie” - obviously two more episodes aired since we recorded this, but it took a while to edit as there was a lot of it. If you’re not caught up with this episode, don’t listen to this yet! We talk about everything. EVERYTHING. It’ll ruin it, and won’t make much sense either.

Speaking of editing, this is a longer episode than usual, because we had such a lot to cover. The next ep should be back to around 30 minutes or so. But hey, 49 minutes isn't that long, stick us on during your lunch break or something.

Swearing! Not safe for work! LOTS and LOTS of swearing! It’s an adult show with adult language! Many, many fucks, shits, and other bad words!

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Thank you! And I hope you enjoy the gory mayhem.

Show notes/links:

Jason Arnopp:

Jason Arnopp on Twitter:

The Last Days of Jack Sparks:

The Walking Dead Monopoly:

Michonne Vinyl Idolz figure:

The Walking Dead zombie piggy bank:

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon novelty CD clock - with desktop stand:

The Walking Dead Dog collar:

Dressing gown designed like Rick’s police uniform:

The Walking Dead bed linen:

Daryl Dixon crossbow coffee mug:

The Walking Dead opening credits using the Friends theme:

The Walking Dead dad jokes meme:

EXTRA! We didn't get to this in the show because it hadn't been announced yet, but there's going to be a Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood from this summer. Check out this article, which has a trailer - I'm so going there when I get the chance:

EXTRA EXTRA! This month's Loot Crate has the theme of "Dead", so there are some TWD and Deadpool exclusives in there - including a fantastic soap on a rope version of Daryl's ear necklace. We've got it. It's great: