Friday, August 12, 2016

FrightFest horror writing workshop

FrightFest, or Horror Christmas, is almost upon us - 5 days of brand new horror movies from all over the world, I love it and go every year. For 4 years in a row, I've done several "Turn Off Your Bloody Phone" idents that have played in front of the opening night movies.

This year, the lovely organisers have asked me to do something a bit different. On Sunday 28th, at 1.15pm, in Discovery Screen 3, I'm running a horror writing workshop! Free to pass holders, or £5 for everyone else! You don't have to be a pass holder or member or anything, anyone can just buy a ticket! Here's the blurb from the site:
Ever watched a horror movie and wondered how they came up with the idea and made it work? Acclaimed writer/director James Moran (SEVERANCE, TOWER BLOCK, ‘Turn Off Your Bloody Phone’ FrightFest shorts) will take you through his writing process, so you can find out! In this fast, fun, informative and highly interactive workshop, James will build an outline from scratch for a horror movie using local newspaper stories for inspiration, and taking suggestions and questions from the audience in a live brainstorming session. Ideas are everywhere, it’s what you do with them that counts...
"Acclaimed"! I'm acclaimed! Yes, if you want to find out how my process works, how I write the things I do, come along! Learn all my 3 and a half tricks!

We'll come up with ideas and a rough outline together, brainstorming and working as one, like some sort of giant, evil brain. I'll show you how I work ideas up into full stories, because that's the tricky bit, not the ideas themselves. And we'll prove it, by picking a dull news story from a terrible local paper, and using that as the basis for our exciting horror movie.

It's fast, it's funny, and it can *easily* go horribly wrong, which means you might get to watch me panic and run out of the building, and/or kill one of you and blame you for the whole thing. But hey, as the cheesy old saying goes, you can't run a writing workshop without gratuitously murdering a few audience members.

Details of the workshop are here, and tickets are available here for £5. Come along!

Oh, and will there be another phone ident this year?? That would be telling. You'll just have to attend the festival and find out...

Reminder! Connie, the short film written & directed by Cat Davies, that we produced and I edited, is also playing at FrightFest! It's on in Short Film Showcase One, Saturday 27th August, 1.10pm, so please come and see it. We'll be there, and might have a felt & foam special guest... The trailer is here, if you'd like a sneak preview.