Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Eve, Mina, Cockneys Vs Zombies

Various bits and pieces have appeared online recently, featuring me and my work, so here's a roundup of them all.

My episode of Eve is on CBBC today at 4.30pm. It's quite unlike anything I've done, and will give you the best possible glimpse inside the anxious brain of a writer - you'll see what I mean when you watch it. Update! It's online now, here!

You can catch up on all the previous episodes here, if you haven't seen them. And there's a sneak peek at my episode right here, if you can't wait until 4.30pm.

Cockneys Vs Zombies will be on the Horror Channel this Friday, 4th November, at 9pm - Freeview channel 70, Sky 319 Virgin 149. They did a new interview with me about the movie here, and I'm very excited it's airing on Horror, it feels like its rightful home. If you miss it, it's on again Thursday 10th November at 10.55pm, and Tuesday 22nd November at 9pm. You may as well watch, because it's on free TV and that's a bargain in anyone's book.

Cockneys also features in a 5 page spread in the current issue of Starburst magazine, with a massive interview with me, in case you haven't had enough of me babbling about it. It's in issue 430 out now, on pages 51-55, with lots of great photos and a lovely piece of artwork at the start. It's worth getting for the Michael Berryman interview alone, never mind me. There's also a great tribute to Universal's Monsters, as the classic films are all on re-release in cinemas. Update! Interview is online here now!

It's a lot of me me me and CvsZ this month, mainly because of the Horror Channel screening. I'm very happy to keep talking about it though, because I'm very proud of the movie, and love it to bits. Rotting, undead bits.

Mina Murray's Journal, my webseries, is getting lots of lovely press attention, including four stars from SFX and 8/10 from Starburst, and a great article and interview here at IndieWire. I'm quite overwhelmed by the reaction, it's my silly idea that I didn't think anyone would like, and now it's somehow become A Thing.

You can see all of our latest reviews and mentions at the press & reactions page here. The first season has its finale tomorrow at 11am, so go and subscribe here to make sure you don't miss it, and/or to catch up on the other episodes.

Mina is also mentioned in Den of Geek's list of 11 scary things to watch on YouTube right now here.

Speaking of Den of Geek, they did a piece on how to write a horror movie here, with quotes from me and Alice Lowe, Kevin Lehane, Nick Ostler, Mark Huckerby, and The Blaine Brothers.

It's a really good article, I always love hearing about other writers' processes, and they all say lots of clever things.

Thank you to Den of Geek for supporting the UK movie and TV world, by the way - they really do try to cover as much as possible, in an honest, open way, without the snark that creeps into a lot of genre coverage. If a site can be your best mate, then Den of Geek really is.

That's all the various things for now. I hope you enjoy my Eve ep, and Cockneys, and Mina. I know I bang on about being proud of my work, but I really am, partly for me, mostly for the amazing job the teams do on each one. If you enjoy them, please do pass them on to someone else. Or I'll have to summon a demon to eat your soul. Sorry. I don't make the rules.