Monday, February 27, 2017

Blood Shed short film crowdfunding

New short film alert! New short film alert! Prepare yourself... for Blood Shed!

Yes, I'm directing a new short film, which I and my partner Cat have written together, she's producing, we're crowdfunding now, it's called Blood Shed, and it's about a shed... that eats people. It's a very serious, dramatic piece, as you'd expect.

It's a love letter to 80s horror movies, with Creepshow-style comic panels, creepy red and green lighting, synthesizer music, all that fun stuff. We've got Ben Foster on board to whip up an 80s-tastic score with actual, physical chunky synths - he scored my first short Crazy For You, and composed for Torchwood, Happy Valley, Scott & Bailey, Thunderbirds Are Go, and many more. And check out this sweet storyboard art by Andy W. Clift, who is also doing the comic-style panels in the short:

We've got several other cool people on board as well, but will be gradually announcing them over the course of the crowdfunding campaign. We're VERY excited about it, and can't wait to get started - but we need your help to make it. We've got some very cool perks, like props, Exec Producer credits, fancy swag, writing workshops, or you can even be a victim of the shed!

Check out our Kickstarter page here, and see if there are any perks you might fancy - and please share the link around to anyone who might be interested. There are loads more details about the short, about us, about how it all works, so have a good look through. Check out the short's Twitter account here, too. We'd love you to be involved, so don't hide away your love of sheds, come and be a shed fancier with us!

UPDATE! We've already had some lovely articles about the crowdfunding, from places like SciFiNow, Starburst, From Dusk Till Con, and Fan Carpet! Check them out!