IMDB listing


Severance (horror comedy, Qwerty Films, Pathé)
Cockneys Vs Zombies (horror comedy, Tea Shop & Film Company, STUDIOCANAL)
Tower Block (thriller, Tea Shop & Film Company, Lionsgate)
The Borderlands (horror rewrite, Metrodome)


Torchwood season 2 episode 2, "Sleeper", and season 3 (Children of Earth, with Russell T. Davies) episode 3 (BBC Wales)
Doctor Who season 4 episode 2, "The Fires of Pompeii" (BBC Wales)
Primeval season 3 episode 2 (Impossible Pictures, ITV)
Spooks season 7 episode 7 (Kudos)
Crusoe season 1 episode 5, "High Water" (Power, NBC)
Spooks: Code 9 season 1 episode 4 (Kudos)
The Sparticle Mystery season 3 episodes 4 and 9 (Sparticles Productions, CBBC)
Crossing Lines season 3 episode 6 (Big Light, Tandem)
Eve season 2 episode 10 and season 3 episode 3 (Leopard Drama, CBBC)

Web, Shorts & Interactive:

Mina Murray's Journal, award winning vlog adaptation of Dracula
Girl Number 9, a Streamy-nominated web thriller in 6 parts (also directed parts 4, 5 and 6)
Cheap Rate Gravity (short film, winner Sci Fi Shorts competition 2002)
"TARDIS", the third episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games (BBC)
"Wish You Were Here", the prologue script to "TARDIS" (BBC)
Halloween: H33, a short film commissioned for FrightFest 2011
Crazy For You, a short film starring Arthur Darvill and Hannah Tointon, currently touring film festivals
Three Minutes, a short film available to watch online right now for free
Dead as a Bone, my first music video, for the band Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux


Not Guilty Pleasures, a podcast about stuff we love


The Promise, for the 2nd season of Highlander audio plays (Big Finish)
Critical Mass, on Volume 2 of the Short Trips audio CD collection, read by Sophie Aldred (Big Finish)


Many Happy Returns, featured in the Dead Roots comic anthology, which you can buy here
VS Comics, which was an ongoing monthly comic anthology with Mike Garley, featuring my story "Day and Night"

Short stories:

"Breadcrumbs" - Short Trips: Transmissions (Big Finish) - read it here for free
"Companion" - Short Trips: Christmas Around the World (Big Finish) - read it here for free
"Grand Theft Planet" - The Doctor Who Storybook 2009 (Panini)
"The Haldenmor Fugue" - The Doctor Who Storybook 2010 (Panini)
"Virus" - Torchwood: Consequences (BBC Books)
"Stakes On A Plane" - Torchwood Magazine, October 2009
"Unplugged" - Torchwood Magazine, December 2010
"The 34 Steps" - available to buy here in the Den of Eek charity anthology ebook
"Pass It On" - available to buy here in the second Den of Eek charity anthology ebook