Schedule / Events

This is a list of all future events I'll be appearing at. It gets updated when I remember, and previous ones get deleted, so if there's something on here you're expecting me to be at, then either (a) I haven't updated it yet, or (b) I haven't realised I'm supposed to be there…

Friday 29 July to Sunday 31st July 2016: GeekyCon, Orlando, USA - details here.

No further events to announce right now (updated 25th Feb 2016) - a couple are being arranged at the moment that haven't been announced yet, so watch this space.

Do you want me to come to your event? Ask me!

If you want me to come to your event, convention, seminar, or school, do a talk, Q&A, panels, etc, contact me here. Travel and accommodation (if required) are a minimum, everything else depends on the time involved, how long I'll be away from my desk, what you need me to do, etc. I'm up for pretty much any kind of event.

People have been asking about various events and saying they'd like to see me at them - and I love to see you at them too! - but like vampires, we guest folk have to be invited, so the organisers can plan other guests, travel, schedules, panels, etc etc. If you'd like to see me at an event, let them know. They can contact me directly at