Monday, March 22, 2004


Feeling a bit aimless and restless. I've done the Harvest rewrite, but don't want to hand it over yet, because it needs more work. So I have nothing definite to write. I've been working on some outlines, some of which are working, some of which aren't. Also wrote a 16 page short story which I started getting fed up with by page 10. I'm so impatient, I just want to get to the exciting ending. But it's finished, it's a sprawling mess, but I can't face doing anything else to it. So I'm still just trying to get the other outlines in shape. I need to write something, but don't have anything in particular to write.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Bits and pieces

I think I've finished the Harvest rewrite. It doesn't feel like it's there yet though, it's still too chunky, too much explanation, which I can't avoid seeing as there needs to be a lot of it. Hmmm. I think it's time to get some feedback from a couple of people, before I show it to Pat...

Did the School outline change, not heard anything back from the telly people, but it's a slow mover, so nothing to worry about. The other idea isn't there yet, I'm still working out the details - it's too messy, too jumbled up, too indecisive. I need to let that filter through for a while.

Watched The Eye again last night with some friends. Every time I see it, I realise more and more how expertly constructed it is - everything is paid off, the end is magnificent, and it ALL makes sense, even the bits where you're not sure what the hell is going on. I'm very jealous. I wonder how long it took them to write it, if it was easy, if it was horribly difficult, or what. Great movie, check it out if you haven't. (That's not a referral link, it's just a link to the Amazon page, I wouldn't mention a movie just so I could make 5p on your referral...)

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Rewrite this

Harvest rewrite is going slowly, but very well. I've got some extensive notes from Pat, my own notes in response, and a new outline to keep me on track. I've just spent several days going back over the scenes that I've already just done, because I wasn't happy with them. Now found a compromise, joined two other scenes that were taking too long, and explained things a bit better. I can now finally carry on and get past page 25, which I was on for a long time while I fixed those other bits.

Still percolating the other idea, it's coming together nicely. It's still in two separate bits, but I think I've figured out which bits to stick together, and which bits to put somewhere else. Oh, that reminds me, I need to write a half page outline for the first episode of The School, if I was to rewrite it (for the telly people that I was talking to a while back). So I'd better do that tomorrow, because I've forgotten when it's supposed to be done for - I met them on Feb 12th, and they were going to get back to me "in a month"... erm, so I've got about 9 days, then. Better do it tomorrow. Once you start thinking "oh, I've got ages left", then all of a sudden, you haven't anymore.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Back in the saddle

Switzerland was a blast, saw lots of snow, mountains, snow-covered mountains, ate lots of chocolate, stayed with the nicest family ever who had a cat called Tupfli that I've probably spelt wrong, went on many trains, saw lots of scenery, breathed some very thin air, gaped at the Matterhorn, and did the coolest thing in the whole world - lounged around in a thermal spring heated pool, outside, in the alps, while it was snowing. Rock and blimmin roll.

Anyway, back in smelly old London, things seem somehow smaller, darker, and greyer. Boo to London for a while. On the bright side, the rewrite of Harvest (the big scifi action thingy) is going very well, I'm really enjoying it. Oh, and I finally figured out how to make an old idea work as a film outline, and have been percolating it in my head for nearly a week now, trying to put it all together. I may merge it with another half idea, I may not. Such is the joy of figuring out what to do before writing it, a very hard, painful lesson I learned from the months of P45/Craw Lodge madness. I also have two meetings with film or telly people lined up, not for anything in particular, but just because they liked my stuff and want to chat. So all is moving along swimmingly. More news soon, hopefully.