Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Player

Pitch went well, I think. We both talked at great length about the set up, the story, the characters, and the major scenes and sequences. He asked questions, we answered. We chatted, it was all very amiable. I wasn't nervous at all once we got in and met him. He's going to read the full document we left with him (we didn't outline the story in absolute fine detail, or mention the other research we'd done), and hopefully will let us know either way next week.

Even if they decide it's not for them, we'll get some good feedback, and be able to come up with a draft of the script. If they decide it is, we'll get development help and possibly money, which is all good. So I'm very optimistic.

Sunday, August 15, 2004


The book adaptation thing is going well - the producer is going to show the new outline to some people, and he seems really happy with it, so that's promising.

P45 has gone out to two directors. I can't say who, but it would be very cool if one of them did it - and apparently he quite likes it. Fingers crossed. 2007 Update: One of the directors was, yes, Chris Smith, who was eventually signed up to direct. He was the one who I said it would be cool if he did it. I can't remember who the other one was, honestly, I'll have to see if the film people remember. And now I go back to 2007, returning you to August 2004...

Me and Pat are doing our practice pitch tomorrow for our agent - I'm more worried about that than the real thing. At least at the real one the producer will say "great, thanks very much" whatever happens - our agent (he's Pat's agent too) is brutally honest, and will have no hesitation in telling us if it is shit. Which is good, because otherwise P45 would never have got as good as it did. If there were more agents like him, there would be less shite movies like Matrix Revolutions.

Met the producer of the new horror film "Creep", about a girl terrorised on the tube at night, starring the gorgeous Franka Potente (the new target of my obsessive fan love). He liked the version of P45 he read, and would like to do some sort of different horror thing with me - I'm up for that, if I do another horror it'll have to be something completely out there, not the usual type of horror. It's so hard to do even a normal, formulaic horror, because it's ALL been done before. So I'm trying to come up with something for that. It's bubbling along in the back of my mind, so hopefully something will come of it. 2007 Update Again: As you may know, Chris Smith directed Creep, but I was meeting his producer purely by chance about something else. We both knew that Chris was in the running to direct Severance, and we couldn't really talk about it... But I casually asked if he'd read it. He smiled, and nodded - and said that he really liked it. So I got my first inkling that it was actually going to happen, at this point.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Bits and pieces

Had a chance at doing an outline for some comedy thing, spent a few days working on it last week, but they went for someone else in the end. Oh well, I wasn't that bothered about it. But I'm always happy to get money and exposure, I'm a total whore.

There's a producer I've been meeting on and off who wants to develop a script with me, I've mentioned him before. I didn't know if anything would come of it, but he mentioned a book he wanted to make into a film, and I really liked the sound of it. I've now read it, and am convinced it would make a great film - there's a lot of stuff that would have to be taken out, it's a long, complex book and there just isn't time for all of it, but there's still plenty of stuff in there. Anyway, I did a draft outline for it, the producer quite likes it, the author seems to like it, so it's looking good. I'm fleshing out the outline a bit now, and hopefully we can get things moving soon.

Don't know if I said this before, but me and Pat the director are going to pitch our big scifi action thingy to a film company in a couple of weeks. My agent was telling them about the idea, so they invited us in to pitch it - he told them about one of my other things, too, which they also liked, so they'd like me to pitch that as well, on a different day. I've never done a proper pitch before, and I'm shitting myself. We've got a bullet-point outline done, and character notes, and pictures and things, so I'm quite looking forward to it really. While shitting myself.