Friday, August 26, 2005

FF and short film

Okay, just about to head off to the FrightFest. 4 solid days of horror movies, with hardly any time between them, and an hour break per evening for food. By Monday night, I'll be a paranoid, gibbering wreck, and loving it. Thankfully, Jo also loves horror, and will be coming with me. It's so cool that she likes the same sort of twisted, fucked up stuff as I do. If I ever get done for murder or anything, I plan to blame it all on her.

The short film was going to shoot in September, but they've moved it to October instead. It was an insanely short time to prepare, and the things we've put in mean that it needs a lot of planning and crafty technical knowhow. There's some really ambitious, complex shit in there, so they're just taking a bit of extra time to make sure it all goes right on the day. Oh yeah, did I mention that they want to shoot the entire thing in a day? Well, they do. Crazy bastards. Anyway, it's going out to actors at the moment, there are some really cool people they want to get, so hopefully they'll agree to play with us for a day.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I've just done my first proper interview for the deranged villains at, a really cool horror website. The interview is here, along with my pretty face (I'm the one on the right). When you've finished reading it, stick around and check out their articles and reviews. The Zombie Club is a particular highlight - two or more films of a similar theme, several blokes, lots of booze, and much insanity. It's great fun. Go bookmark them now.

And a big welcome to those of you who came here from the link at the bottom of the eatmybrains interview. This is my writing blog, following my progress as I try to make a career as a screenwriter. I wander off topic quite a lot, though. Make yourself at home, have a drink, and don't touch the corpse in the corner, it's not mine - I'm, er, just looking after it for a friend, or something.

Slightly hungover

Well, we went along to see more dailies (the rough, unedited shots), and as predicted, I rewound certain scenes several times, shouting "did you see that???" Jo hadn't seen any proper footage until then, and was very impressed. I saw the two things I was dying to see, and they are pretty fucking spectacular. Can't wait to see a rough cut. I think the editing goes on for another 5 or 6 weeks, if I remember rightly, and then there will be a test screening, and maybe some more slight tweaks. Apparently it's all going very well, which of course it would, because it rocks.

And I went to a party last night, hosted by the film company's Big Cheese, to celebrate the end of filming on Severance. I don't think I embarrassed myself too much. I may have pissed in the salad, though. While screeching with laughter. With my pants on my head. But apart from that, I had a fairly quiet night. It was cool to see everyone again, and quite bizarre to be sitting with them instead of watching them trying to make a movie in a forest.

The short film is progressing nicely - I'm very close to a final draft of the script, and the director and his producers are working really hard to get everything ready. They're hoping to shoot in September, and they're not hanging about. The director's done some cool storyboards/concept drawings, which really help me to visualise it. I'm very impressed at how fast it's all going.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

"...for Victory"

Severance officially finished filming last Friday. Now, the editing begins, along with, presumably, the effects, the sound, the music, the colour correction, and all that magical madness that happens. On Friday I'm going to see some more of the footage. There are two scenes in particular I'm dying to see. I'll drag Jo along with me, so I can keep pausing, rewinding, and shouting "look, look!" during exciting bits, even when she's already looking at the screen.

Just watched the first episode of the old "V" series. I've had the DVD for ages, was terrified that it wouldn't be as amazingly cool as I remember from when I saw it as a kid. But holy shit, it stands up pretty well. Great build up, nice tension, clever script, good effects, and a really powerful, emotional impact. If you haven't seen it, check it out. If you saw it years ago, check it out anyway, you might be surprised at how good it is. Apart from the crafty plotting and clever scripts, the effects still look cool. Models and matte paintings date much better than CGI. And it's interesting to see how much Independence Day was inspired by the early scenes in it.

Things keep moving along. More ideas appear, older ones are refined and updated, rubbish ones are thrown out. I'm also about to take a risk. Can't go into details here, but it's something that every part of me is screaming at me not to do - but something I absolutely must do, if I have any sense. I'm scared. I was almost sick with worry today. But I'm fairly sure I'm doing the right thing.