Monday, November 24, 2008

Spooks, episode 7, tonight (and next week)

Okay, so my Spooks (episode 7) is on BBC1, Monday the 1st of December at 9pm - but they're doing early previews for all eps, which means you can see it tonight on BBC3 at 10.30pm, right after episode 6 on BBC1. I'll probably watch both the early one and the regular one too, because I can. That's just how I roll.

If you haven't seen eps 1-6 you may get a bit lost here and there with the serial stuff, but I'm assuming there'll be a "Previously on Spooks..." to clue you in to the most important bits. If not, you're all grown ups, I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on. So watch it, or I'll send a thousand monkeys round to your house. No idea what they'll do. But they're bound to make a huge mess.

Anyway, it's quite an unusual episode in many ways, with plenty of shocks and surprises, and I'm very pleased to say that it does something that has *never* been done before in the series... No spoilers in the comments please, as a courtesy to those who'll be watching it next week - if you have plot-spoilery questions, send them in an email, or wait until after the BBC1 showing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Presents, filming, photos, and pumping

Christmas presents! Yes, my copy of Short Trips: Christmas Around The World arrived, and very lovely it is too. I have a story in there, "Companion", and I'm really proud of it. As I said before, this one is particularly special to me, partly because I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, partly because I'm really happy with the way it came out. The book has a lovely cover, and tons of great stories, although I've only read 3 others - the ones by Sir Jason of Arnopp, Lord Simon of Guerrier, and Dame Kate of Orman, which are brilliant. I'll get round to the others soon. It's released on the 1st December, and would make a lovely present for anyone in the world, ever. Even if they don't celebrate Christmas, or any of the many other end of year celebratory thingies (look them up yourself, that's what the internet is for). Call it a "year end" present, or something.

Speaking of presents, the Doctor Who series 4 box set is out right now, as we speak. Get yourself in on that action, you know it makes sense.

And I'm a guest on a podcast, The Chronic Rift, available here. It's a round table discussion, although I was at home, alone, talking to them on Skype, there was NO ROUND TABLE. There's your scandal, folks. I imagine you're probably feeling betrayed, confused, slightly aroused – that's okay. Just grab some flaming torches, and go burn down the nearest observatory, so that this kind of thing never happens again. But listen to the podcast first, it's good fun.

Back from Cardiff now, and yes, I was there to watch some filming. I can't say anything about it at all, so please try not to cause an international incident by asking. Don't make me get the UN involved. Because I don't know how. But! I do have a casting revelation - the latest sexysexual sex-recruit to the Torchwood team is a very handsome, talented chap called...

Oh, how embarrassing! It's me! Oh, okay, it's not me really, I just wanted it to be, but apparently the Beeb have "rules" about not letting scrawny writers with no acting experience ruin their shows by appearing on screen. Yeah, I know - kept down by The Man again. So I had some pics taken, partly for fun, partly so I can stop using that old pic of myself in the TARDIS any time I do an interview. Thank you to Brian for grabbing my camera and marching me around to the various cool bits in there. Although I jumped on to the invisible lift all by myself.

Obviously, I can't tell you anything about what I saw or heard on set, but suffice to say it was bloody good stuff. I can't wait for series 3 to be unleashed, it's going to knock quite a few socks off out there. There'll have to be an official BBC inquiry about the amount of people walking around, socks-less. Questions will be asked in Parliament. Questions like "dude, what's going on with the socks?"

While I was there, I took the opportunity to take the TARDIS for a spin around the universe. This is me, mid-flight:

"Hello? Captain Jack? ... ... Yeah, it's TV's James Moran here. Listen, I'm pumping this pumpy thing just like you did in Journey's End, but it's not working... ... Oh yeah? A twisting pump action, you say? Fair enough, I'll give it a go, you big sexy beast. Kthxbye."

What? What are you looking at? Hey, where are you all going?? I can be ten years old if I want, shut up.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Things, hair, and blorgies

Right, been a while, things have been catching up, some good, some bad, you know how it is. Sorry for neglecting you, blog-chums, I hope social services don't come and take you away from me. I can change! I'll get a job, and stop stealing your money to buy heroin! Just give me another chance!

Anyway. Every week, popular DJ chap Alex Zane presents a radio show on MySpace, and people can upload video clips of themselves to win the chance to be his co-presenter. If they get on, then people listen in, and can vote for them to stay for another week, or go. My nephew, also called James, got himself on, and is now there for a second week, which is fab. So go there and listen in, and vote for him to stay, not because I said so, but because he's skill and ace. Although he does have *way* too much hair on top of his head. Seriously, there's tons of it, about 5 times as much as most people. He's even got more hair than big-haired blogger James Henry, and that's just terrifying. But don't hold his massively high barnet against him, he only ever uses it for good, never evil. Vote for him now! Or his hair will come and eat you.

My Crusoe ep got just over 4 million viewers, as far as I can tell, and seems to have gone down well. It's quite bizarre to have something on in another country, before it's shown here, almost like sending off a message in a bottle. Ooh! See what I did there? In other telly and film news, I very much enjoyed the first ep of Apparitions, the new exorcism drama from Ultraviolet genius Joe Ahearne. If you haven't seen Utraviolet (the TV series) then get it on DVD immediately, or I will destroy you. Apparitions started off extremely strongly, explored lots of unexpected avenues, and gave me a real sense of creeping dread. Great stuff, if you missed the first ep, catch it on iPlayer, and tune in for ep 2 next Thursday at 9pm. Also tickling my fancy is Quantum of Solace, which I loved. I don't understand the sniffy reviews, I thought it was a superb Bond movie, a worthy continuation from Casino Royale, and delivered on the promise of that movie's final scene in the way that The Dark Knight failed to do for Batman Begins. Let me explain that briefly: CR and BB both reinvigorated tired franchises, and both had a final scene (a final shot, even) that left you desperately wanting more, and expecting certain things from the sequel. But whereas QoS gave me exactly what I wanted, and plenty more, TDK went off in an odd direction, and left me feeling unsatisfied. All in my humble opinion of course. But I *am* right.

I know I'm behind on all the blog stuff, so you'll have to hang on a bit longer for the Anus review and all the other stuff. I'm off to Cardiff for a day or two, so things will be slow for a bit longer. But when I get back, I promise to try and get all the late stuff posted. It'll be a blogging frenzy, a blog orgy, or possibly a "blorgy".

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My episode of Crusoe, this Friday

Okay folks, my Crusoe episode is airing this Friday, 7th November, at 9pm (8 central), on NBC, in the United States of America.

Yes, American folks, this time you get to watch it before anyone else. Oh, I know I go on and on about things I've got on TV now and again, and you get all excited, but then you realise it's only on UK telly, and not coming to your shores for aaaages, and the website won't even let you look at the preview clips, and it hurts. Of *course* it hurts. You want to see the fruits of my keyboard, and why wouldn't you, you're only human after all. But this time - it's all for you, baby. It's actually on one of your channels, first. A normal channel you don't even have to pay for. And if you miss it, you can watch it online, for free! Yes, you, and only you! I wrote the thing, and I can't even watch it online, cause I live in the UK! Doesn't that make you feel special?? Loved?? Needed? It should. Because you *are*. You're special, and wonderful, and you deserve this. I'm so happy for you. So watch the episode, and enjoy yourselves - because this one's for you. God, I love you guys. Except you, that guy at the back. Oh, okay, I love that guy at the back as well.

Mr Stephen Gallagher has some more details here, naming episodes, naming writers, it's a naming frenzy. There's also a great description of the kind of show it is, and the intentions behind it all. But most importantly, there's also a pretty picture of Philip Winchester holding a gun and looking all smouldery. Go on, you know you want to look.