Friday, July 11, 2014

LeakyCon 2014 schedule update

I'm attending this year's LeakyCon in July/August (details with links here), and the schedule has just been posted - you can see the whole thing here, and use it to make your own schedule of stuff to see, like a serial killer plotting crimes in tiny handwriting in a Notebook of Death (note to police: I totes don't do that).

If you want to see the bits I'm doing, all on one page, just click here! I'm on several panels, doing signings, and other things.

Don't forget, there will be a screening of Crazy For You, the short I wrote and directed, starring Arthur Darvill and Hannah Tointon, on Sunday August 3rd at 11am - I'll do a Q&A after it, so stick around. I'm also hosting a screening and Q&A for Cockneys Vs Zombies, Sunday August 3rd at 12pm. Crazy For You has some violence and gore (it's a romantic comedy about a serial killer), but CvsZ is full on blood, gore, swearing, and gratuitous violence, so bring the kids! No, don't.

And on Saturday August 2nd at 4pm, I'm doing a workshop thing, called "So you wanna be a TV writer" (although it applies to film and TV). If you want to get an inside view of how my writing process works, from idea to finished script, come along and join in. I'll be taking random ideas from bad local newspapers, and we'll all work on them together to brainstorm, outline, and form a complete movie/TV story from start to finish (obviously we don't do the script stage, we'd be there for months).

Yes, I said "we". It's interactive. I've done it twice before, it almost went wrong both times, due to the live, unplanned nature, so hey, maybe it'll be third time unlucky! Come and watch me panic and possibly cry. And at the end, one random attendee (names in a hat) gets sacrificed to Satan and eaten by the others gets to keep the scribbled outline and notes! Unless it's a whiteboard, in which case you can take photos of it, or something. Actually, you can all take photos of the board. But the random winner gets, er, I dunno, a free pen or something. DON'T QUESTION ME

I'm so excited to be attending, and can't wait to meet you all. Say hello! I'm evil nice!

Further update: Gaming! I will be tabletop gaming with you a couple of times, in the Gaming Area (Marketplace) - Friday 2.30pm to play Resistance, and Saturday 10am to play Ticket to Ride. I've never played either, so come take advantage of my foolishness, and leave me a blubbering wreck!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Convention in Rome

Friends! Romans! Convention-goers! Lend me your beers!

Yes, I'm coming back to Italy again, for another event. It's in Rome this time, and I'll be available to meet on the 13th and 15th July - click here and here for details. So if you're in Rome, or near Rome, or passing through Rome, come along and say hello!