Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mina Murray's Journal premieres this week

Mina Murray's Journal, my new webseries, premieres this Thursday 29th September!

I'm aiming for 11am UK time, so if you're at work that's a good time to grab a coffee/tea break and check it out.

First episode is about 5 minutes long, and episode 2 will follow on Monday 3rd October, with two every week.

If you don't already know, it's a modernised, vlog adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, with the characters flipped around so that Mina and Lucy are the heroes. That's Rosie Holt as Mina in the pic up there, and Kate Soulsby as Lucy. They are brilliant and hilarious and I can't wait for you to meet them in these roles.

I'm really happy with how it's come together, it looks and feels *exactly* as I had hoped, but is even better thanks to the amazing cast and crew. But where can you see it, I hear you shriek - what an excellent question, I'm really glad you asked, because I have the answer: on YouTube, for free, wherever you are in the world. Yes.

Links! Come and get your fresh, tasty links!

Official site:



YouTube Channel:


We also have some in-character social media accounts, the characters have been online and tweeting for a while, so keep an eye on those and watch out for extra clues. There are more accounts out there, but they're secret for now - maybe they'll be revealed in series 1, maybe not...

Character accounts:

I hope you like the show, I'm very excited to get it out there. If you do enjoy it, please like, share, subscribe, all that good stuff. Any webseries lives or dies by word of mouth, it's incredibly hard to make people aware of new stuff in such a crowded internet, so if you like it, please pass it on!