Thursday, August 03, 2017

Blood Shed trailer and festival news

Blood Shed, our latest short film, will have its World Premiere at London's FrightFest!

I'm very excited about this, FrightFest is my horror home at Horror Christmas, and I couldn't be happier about unleashing our beautiful, mutant baby on the best audience in the world. Everything else I've done has premiered there, Cat's last short Connie premiered there last year, so it feels right and proper. FrightFest is incredible, I'm so excited to see what everyone makes of Blood Shed.

It will screen as part of the second Short Film Showcase, on Sunday 27th August at 11.15am. FrightFest is at the Empire Leicester Square, and the short film showcases are around the corner in the wonderful Prince Charles Cinema, the original home of FrightFest.

Tickets are available here, but there are very few left, so get in there quickly!

We've only just completed the film, the paint is still slightly sticky to the touch. The score, by BAFTA winning composer Ben Foster (Torchwood, Happy Valley), is *amazing*. He and Synth Wizard Toby Pitman have cooked up some proper 80s sounds, using actual, vintage synthesizers, including one built into an old suitcase which apparently "smells of burning" when switched on. You can see them recording some of it here, and here!

The trailer has just been launched too, which you can go and watch here - or just click the play button below, if you dare!

I directed Blood Shed, I and Cat wrote it together, and Cat produced it, so it's something neither of us could have done by ourselves, it's a real mix of our weird minds. I still can't believe what we made Shaun and Sally do, but they put up with it without complaint. I almost felt guilty when throwing buckets of freezing cold fake blood over them in a cold garden. Almost.

We're also screening at the Women in Horror festival in Atlanta in September, and the fantastic Nightmares Film Festival in Ohio this October, where Connie screened last year. We're very honoured to be part of their Early 13 announcement, covered here at Bloody Disgusting. Starburst have posted an article about the FrightFest shorts lineup here. There's also a FanCarpet article about our trailer launch here.

And if you haven't seen our gorgeous poster, illustrated by the brilliant Andy W. Clift, here it is in all its quad-glory:

There will be more news soon, so keep an eye on the official website and Twitter for updates!