Monday, October 30, 2017

Severance on the Horror Channel in November

UK folks! Severance is screening on the Horror Channel this November, as part of their Saturday night prime-time Bloody British Season which, according to their site, celebrates "the new wave of British horror movies that reinvigorated the UK horror industry in the early 2000s."

It'll be screening three times, twice in the prime 9pm slot:

Friday 3rd November - 9.00 PM
Thursday 9th November - 10.45 PM
Tuesday 28th November - 9.00 PM

UPDATE! I'm going to live-tweet the Tuesday 28th screening, it starts at 9pm, so get yourself over to Twitter and keep an eye on my feed at @jamesmoran. I'll try to hashtag each post with #severance so you can mute that if you'd rather not have your feed flooded. It'll be like a director's commentary, but I'm the writer instead, and my memory isn't brilliant. How can you resist?!

The Horror Channel website link is here, featuring an image from the bizarre French poster, which features things that aren't in the movie, like Richard holding a shotgun, and Maggie's unsuitable-for-the-woods outfit. I'm sure it made sense in France.

You can find the excellent Horror Channel in the UK on Sky Digital channel 319, Virgin TV channel 149, Freeview channel 70 and Freesat channel 138.

Yes, it's on Freeview. Yes, that means you can watch Severance for the extremely low, low price of FREE! If you haven't seen it by now, where have you beeeen?? It came out in 2006 and has been on TV loads of times, if you've somehow still not seen it ever then I'll have to assume you're avoiding it, and your name will go on The List.

Go get some free horror! Go on! It's free! Tell them I sent you!

Speaking of free stuff, my webseries vlog adaptation (vladaptation) of Dracula is still online, it's called Mina Murray's Journal, and follows the adventures of Mina in the present day as she posts YouTube vlogs and starts to realise that spooky shenanigans are afoot.

Watch the entire first season here - I'm really proud of it, the cast are amazing and there are lots of silly jokes.

SFX magazine gave it four stars, and we also had great reviews from Starburst and Kim Newman, film critic and author of Anno Dracula. Fancy! Please go check it out, and if you like it, tell your friends. If you don't like it, tell your enemies. Tell them I sent you! Your friends, not your enemies.